Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Real Answer to Escalation Balancing

It's quite simple and very clever on GWs part. You don't need void shields or another LoW if you already have an established army and feel like you need a bit more of a boost. It's  not banning Escalation or banning D weapons.

Just play the Alter of War: Escalation missions in the back of the Escalation book.

They are designed for one player to not have a Lord of War. The missions special rules help level the playing field even further. One mission gives a unit who controls an objective shooting attacks armourbane, fleshbane, skyfire(optional) and interceptor. Imagine a Dev squad with lascannons controlling one of these? Another gives the player without the LoW units outflank and acute senses. Grav/melta bike squad? More like Titan Hunter Squad. Another gives the LoW player a VP for each wound/HP remaining and the non-LoW player a VP for each they dealt. Pus three other missions and more rules I didn't mention.

All these coupled with the new Warlord table that opponents without LoWs get access to... It proves for a very challenging game for the player with the LoW.

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