Strike Force Nightfall v2

This page will serve as a living WIP, and later complete gallery, for my planned Heresy-Era Raven Guard Force.

XIXth Legion Astartes Strike Force Nightfall

Strike-Captain Maun,
Master of Decent, Nightfall One

Fury-Prime Haec Cruent, Chaplain, bearer of the Fractal Harrow-blade.
Bloody Two-Hands, The Red Harrower

Moritat-Prime Kaedes Nex
The Raven's Huntsman, Blood Crow

Primus Medicae

Mor Deythan Strike Squad

Contemptor Dreadnought

Darkwing Pattern Storm Eagle Darkstorm

Dark Fury Assault Squad

Legion Seeker Squad

Fire Raptor Gunship

Special Detachments

Kiavahr AdMech Shipkillers the “Fire Ants”

Mymidax Prime Nore Hellios
The Dark Sun, Singularity

Myrmidon Secutors

Myrmidon Destructors

Tech Thralls

Vorax Automata

XIXth Legion VIth Chapter, the Pale Nomads, LXVI Nomadic Predation Fleet formerly attached to Rogue Trader Militant [REDACTED]

Shade-Captain Tacet Vor, Praetor, Terminator Armor
Umbra Rex

Chaplain Consul, Terminator Armor

Cataphractii Terminator Squad

Destroyer Squad

Ancient Vholrari, Furibundus Dreadnought

Tactical Squad

Tactical Squad

When the heresy became widespread rumors began spreading of a cruiser of unknown origins performing hit and run attacks against traitor fleets. The ships never identified themselves but made their intentions clear when they would immediately fire upon traitor ships and perform boarding actions against them. Often taking control of the ships and setting them on ramming courses towards other traitor ships if not destroying them outright. The ash-grey ship bore no markings other than the numerals XIX-VI-LXVI across it's flanks.

It's most recent campaign details never made it into the histories. What little is known was that the cruiser was beset by a Night Lord Fleet inside an asteroid belt. The belt itself had claimed numerous ships of varying class in a previous, large scale, battle. The campaign was fought amongst the space hulks of felled behemoths in a system with a dying star.

Tacet Vor , formerly Vigilator-Prime under Shade Lord Arkhas Fal, had once considered himself close to the warriors of the Luna Wolves. He had fought along side them and he himself had been the hidden blade behind that brought many systems to their knees. That was before the Battle of Gate 42. Injuries sustained nearly put entombed him inside a dreadnought sarcophagus. His augments prohibited him from undertaking any recon or stealth mission but imbued him with strength beyond a normal legionary. With the survivors of the II Battalion of the Pale Nomads chapter under his command he was assigned to the LXVI Nomadic Predation Fleet attached to Rogue Trader Militant Lord Azazel.

Os Vates was a Bone-Seer, a type of diviner, from the XIX Legion of Old. With the Dictate of Nikaea he was reassigned to Shade Lord Fals Honor Guard. Fals knew that a distant council wasn't going to stop him from using Vates as an 'adviser'.

Moritat Emortuus was a loner in a chapter of outcasts. Not for his grim nature or obsession with death. The Pale Nomads are well versed both. Where other Astartes are driven by loyalty or the mission; His personal conquest is what drives him. He seeks glory. Not his own, but the glory of others. He desires to reap what other heroes and leaders have achieved. His armor is no longer the armor he was issued. It is instead made up of parts from fallen enemy heroes and commanders. Their names and ranks scratched into each new piece of the collection.

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