Saturday, December 21, 2013

Simple Alternate D-Weapon Save Rules

Here is a post I just made on B&C. You can follow the conversation here.

"Now, we all know some of the panic D weapons have caused. I personally think they have a place to deal with things like: screamerstars, T10 MCs, Riptide spam, Serpent spam etc. However I can see how adversely these weapons can affect the more casual side of the game should you want to use a SHV in a tournament at a FLGS where you know there aren't all WAAC players that power-game. So how do we tone them down to be able to take down the power lists that abuse the system while still not steamrolling a more casual player.

Just making them S10 AP1 Ignores cover will still splat most thing but screamerstars and riptide spam will laugh it off.

Perhaps a slight alteration to D weapons and how they affect saves. Now lets say that D weapons don't automatically ignore all saves, but only do so on a 5+. This keeps their ability to deal with screamerstars while keep other more casual lists viable. More difficult sure, but significantly more possible.


Edit: Perhaps they reduce invul and cover saves to max of 5+? Gets rid of system abuse builds but retains a more casual friendly aspect.

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