Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Escalation Battle Report Summary

Altar of War: Escalation
Mission: Armoury of Annihilation (Objectives give shooting attacks armour/fleshbane, optional skyfire and interceptor)
Deployment: Dawn of War (As per the Mission Rules)
Night fighting First turn
2,000 Points
Necrons/Trans C'Tan with Dark Eldar Allies(me) vs Imperial Fists with Templar Allies Imperial Bunker fort
5 Objectives total

The game was crazy. He had two sternguard squads loaded for bear and scouts in his list. Both scout squads infiltrated onto two objectives. With my opponent having first turn his first sterngurad landed next to a third objective. So all those squads had fleshbane and armourbane, I was sweating. He took 3 wounds of the C'Tan and blew up my ghost ark instantly on turn 1 giving him 2 VPs(first blood and 3 wounds on a Gar. Creature). The C'Tans Primary 6 Apoc Barrage did major damage throughout the game and ended up blowing some objectives up(they are AV15 in this mission). He finally felled the beast on turn 4 for another VP from devastators on a fourth objective with fleshbane.

We ended up tying 3-3 (2 Objectives for me to First Blood, 6 GC wounds). There was some major whiffing on his side but over all it was a fun game. I really think these missions, as well as balanced/non gimmick list are key to maximum balance.

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