Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Knight Atrapos WIPs

As I was working on my Atrapos and though of an origin story. A house that got decimated fighting  on a long lost forgeworld. They arrived at it and woke up it's automated defenses. The campaign to claim it went horribly as the defenses were arcane and extremely effective and included drone Magaera and Stryx knights. The Seneschal survives and seeks shelter in an underground manufactorum where a partially assembled Atrapos waited. Getting it running he discovers the planets defenses are slaved through the Atrapos' animus and through bonding with it claims the world for himself. With an army of drone knights he flings himself into the stars to claim as much as he can.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Whispercutter WIP #2

Thinking about simplifying the precision infiltration rule to 1d6 scatter and giving it something like "Twin Linked Stalker Cannon". Shoots silent shells to take out guards and equipment at range.

Maybe 36" S5 or 6 AP4 Heavy 2 Haywire Twinlinked. Or a special rule that grants it haywire against AV12 or less. Maybe only against demo objectives?

Anyway here's wonderwa-I mean some pics.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Whispercutter Kitbash WIP

SO I found an unused Taurox on a sprue in my bitz collection and decided to start my own Whispercuter. The idea is that the back most panel is a ramp, that also has a fast rope cable as well.

Dark Fury Kit assemlby

Debating if I want to leave the wings off on all but the sarge...

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Whispercutter Homebrew Rules

 Ever since reading about them I've always wanted them on the table top. Here are some experimental homebrew rules for them:

Elites 50 points

AV10 HP2

  • Skimmer
  • Open Topped
  • Stealth
  • Open Frame
  • Precision Infiltration
  • Deep Strike

Transport Capacity: 10

Open Frame: May transport jump infantry, counting as one model instead of the usual two for capacity. May not transport models in terminator armor.

Precision Infiltration: If held in reserves no reserve rolls are made for this unit. Instead at the beginning of any of the controlling players turns, including the first, the controlling player may have it enter play following the normal rules for entering from reserves. During the turn it enters play, enemy units may only fire snapshots when using interceptor. If still in reserves at the start of turn 5 it comes on automatically.

Dedicated Transport for Mor Deythan, Strike Captain Maun.