Sunday, February 17, 2013

Primarch Corvus Corax and Thunderhammer Shadow Captain

A model that was "eerily" *cough* similar, a little converting here, some "battle-scarring" and we have ourselves a Primarch worth of the Raven Guard. Well, he's Shrike until Coraxs' rules come out.

And the Shadow Captain

The fiend always gets his quarry

These are a lot of fun to field. I also secretly hate basing my mini's. No that I don't think it looks good, I just don't like it when I have a desert base and play on a lush forest table ha. Though a few special mini's get their own base once in a while. I'd rather they all be clear personally so it looks like they are actually walking on the terrain.

Custom C'Tan Shard

Floating ominously, eldrich fire training him, the shard of the Outsider stalks through the hiveworld reaping souls.

Totally forgot this angle

The Necron Dynasty

My own Custom Dynasty, a splinter Dynasty of the Nihilakh Dynasty

totally forgot to matte seal his decals haha

Stabby my custom Tomb Stalker

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Raven Guard Firs Company Strike Team WIP

Through the mud and rain stalk silent hunters. The deadliest the Imperium has to offer. War-torn but relentless as they pursue their quarry amongst the ruins.

I was inspired by the new FW Heresy painted mini's line to paint my first company strike team tattered and roughed up, but far from beaten.

They are almost done, forgive the harsh light, all I have is a spider lamp. Still have some transfers and custom heraldry to add and finish up the bases.

I'm a blogger now?

So it would appear I have delved into the realm of blogging. From here on out I will post painting projects from various miniature games and tacticas.