Monday, September 30, 2013

Raven Guard Hombebrew Supplement Draft

Heres a little something I have been playing around with...

Raven Guard Homebrew Supplement v1.5

Lightning Strike: Models with this rule may run and assault in the same turn.

Attack, Withdraw, Attack again: Models with this rule and their unit have Hit and Run and Furious Charge.

Mandatory Scout Squad per 1,000 points.

No Land Landraiders, Vindicators, Whirlwind, Iron Clad or Predators
2 Heavy Support slot per FOC

Warlord Traits:

1.               See But Remain Unseen: The Warlord has Shrouded
2.               We Walk with Shadows: Your Warlord and his unit may re-roll cover saves.
3.               Be other than where the enemy believes you to be: 1d3 units may redeploy, can go in and out of reserves, redeploy infiltrators etc.
4.               Be where your enemy desires you not to be: Secretly choose a game turn(1-5) and write it down. The Warlord and his unit may deepstrike that turn from reserves automatically(Do not roll reserves for them during any turn)
5.               The Shadow that Kills: The Warlord and his unit may assault turn 1 even if they infiltrated/scout moved and any turn they come in from reserves.
6.               Vengeance: Your Warlord and every friendly unit from the Raven Guard have within 12” have Preferred Enemy (Chaos Space Marines) and Zealot.

Kiavahr Reflex Shield: Vehicles equipped with Kiavahr Reflex Shield technology cannot be the target of interceptor fire, enemy fire or any other out of phase and/or turn shooting attacks during your turn. In Active mode the vehicle has Stealth and Shrouded but cannot fire and passengers may not disembark until the shield is deactivated. You may deactivate the shields at any time during the movement or shooting phase. The shields cannot reactivate until your next turn.