Sunday, December 7, 2014

XIXth Legion Tacticals and Kaedes Nex

Picked up some Anvil Industires Black Ops Exo Lords to flesh out my 30k Tactical Squads and Mor Deythan. I like them a lot. Perhaps I should do a review... Anyway...

The following guys will be painted grey liek the legionary in HH Book 3 Extermination and will represent the XIX legion pre-Corax AKA the Pale Nomads or the Dust Clad

These fellows are my Mor Deythan and will be black on black:

All their combi-weapons are magnetized. On the left of the last pic is my rescued converted Storm Eagle I'm going to work into a Darkwing Pattern.

The following is another rescue that will become Kaedes Nex: