Friday, February 28, 2014

Imperial Knight WIP! A walking pose.

I picked up my Knight pre-order before I went into work. As soon as I got home I went to town on the kit.

First thing I did was cut the inner thigh webbing so it was vertical.

 Then I cut the 'hooves' that attach the bottom of the shin to the foot plate

 Glued it all together...

 Taking the remaining pistons and cutting off the rod and using a pinning kit to make my own custom length. Then I filled in the gap in the center with green stuff.
 Taking a que from last weeks White Dwarf I glued a bit of resin on the small bolt that stuck into the torso so it can rotate...
 ... in any...
... direction!

That's it for tonight... more throughout the weekend...

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Storm Raven to Fire Raptor Conversion WIP

I'll be straight with you. Just buy the actual model. Trust me.

But I do like that I was able to pull this off... ish...

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Fixing Dreads

After I discovered that the Castallax is an MC instead of a Walker I made this post "Castallax is an MC?" MC Fever vs Walkers: More Meat Edition

After some more though I realized how bad Dreads have it. Hive Tyrants get cover saves from having a toe in a crater but dreads don't. They can be one-shot so easily, I could go on but that thread covers it.

SO now for a fix. This MC Fever is negatively affecting Spirit of the Game IMHO so I shall see if a few like-minded individuals would like to collaborate in this thread for some fixes. I'm short-handing some of these, but you get the point.

Heres what I came up with so far:

All Dreads:

Monstrous Creature


Ancient Might: 6” Stubborn bubble to friendlies

Machination of War: Haywire wounds on a 2+ and ignores armor on a 6. Armourbane and Melta weapons
wounds on a 3+. Immune to poison/fleshbane. d6" S4 explosion when last wound is suffered.

+25pts for Venerable: re-roll failed saves. Counts as a VP when killed.

Contemptors (cost unchanged)
WS BS  S   T   I   W  A  Ld  Sv
  5    4    6   9   4   4   3  10  2+
(Normal rules/cost for gear apply)

Ironclads (cost unchanged)
WS BS  S   T   I   W  A  Ld  Sv
  5    4    6   9   4   3   3  10  2+
(Normal rules/cost for gear apply)

"Regular" Dreads (cost unchanged)
WS BS  S   T   I   W  A  Ld  Sv
  5    4    6   8   4   4   3  10  2+

These proposed changes, in my opinion, keeps the feel of a stompy robot but stops Dreads from getting short-changed when you compare them to things like Castallax, Riptides and so-on. They still aren't the nigh-unkillable war machines we would like them to be but are at least better.