Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Whispercutter WIP #2

Thinking about simplifying the precision infiltration rule to 1d6 scatter and giving it something like "Twin Linked Stalker Cannon". Shoots silent shells to take out guards and equipment at range.

Maybe 36" S5 or 6 AP4 Heavy 2 Haywire Twinlinked. Or a special rule that grants it haywire against AV12 or less. Maybe only against demo objectives?

Anyway here's wonderwa-I mean some pics.


  1. Cool concept Nusquam! I like the general idea for the conversion, but I think the front looks too much like a truck still. Migh need some plasticard or creative kitbash to change that.

    As for the rule, I like the Open Frame special rule you came up with. I think Scout would convey the infiltration purpose better than the Precision Infiltration rules though - either it slept through enemy detection and is already at their doorstep or it's coming from a surprising vector (Outflank).

    I would also add the possibility to purchase a Skyhammer Rocket launcher - Whispecutters are often depicted assisting ground troops with missiles fire.

    My two cents! Keep up the good work!

  2. I'm undecided on the front. I think it might actually be the slits at the top, might shave them off completely, maybe the fenders too, so it looks like an engine block rather then whole truck front end.


    I missed scout because Mor Deythan already had it, but it might benefit from it for other units. The idea behind the infiltration rule isn't that it's teleporting or coming down from high altitude but rather uncloaking. Anyway it's not final just having fun with spare parts.