Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Whispercutter Homebrew Rules

 Ever since reading about them I've always wanted them on the table top. Here are some experimental homebrew rules for them:

Elites 50 points

AV10 HP2

  • Skimmer
  • Open Topped
  • Stealth
  • Open Frame
  • Precision Infiltration
  • Deep Strike

Transport Capacity: 10

Open Frame: May transport jump infantry, counting as one model instead of the usual two for capacity. May not transport models in terminator armor.

Precision Infiltration: If held in reserves no reserve rolls are made for this unit. Instead at the beginning of any of the controlling players turns, including the first, the controlling player may have it enter play following the normal rules for entering from reserves. During the turn it enters play, enemy units may only fire snapshots when using interceptor. If still in reserves at the start of turn 5 it comes on automatically.

Dedicated Transport for Mor Deythan, Strike Captain Maun.

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