Sunday, March 2, 2014

Imperial Knight WIP 3: More Painting and Fluff Origins!

I have also decided on his origin and motif. Long story short, he stayed behind to protect a planets last city after the nobility used the
landers to evacuate riches instead of people and the LotD showed up they saved the people. The LotD gave him an imperial tarot set
as he would no loner serve that house and decided to follow a "Higher path". He had heard stories of the LotD and how they were thought to be the Emperors fury made manifest. SO he uses the tarot to commune with Emps and seems to show up along side the LotD or in places he is needed. So he has painted his knight to reflect a new oath to the people of the Imperium and the how the LotD saved his people.

Oh did I mention it was a mining and megasaur meat planet? Nurgles rot tainted the meat and corrupted individuals and created a plague zombie outbreak that included, that's right, plague megasaurs.

Zombie Dinosaurs.

I'll let the awesome sink in. Ha, until next time, and thanks for the support!

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  1. O, I can't wait to see the final scheme on this knight