Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Establishing Different 40k Formats

With the addition of so many new supplements, formations and dataslates 40k is getting more complicated. Taking a page from Magic The Gathering, which has different formats like vintage, legacy, modern, standard and so on why not apply it to 40k?

Everyone has their own preference of what they like to play, disliking different elements and so on. So why not work together and discuss establishing 40k formats to suggest to TOs or group play?

Note: This isn't a discussion about making 40k perfectly balanced. It was never designed for optimized competitive play and honesty probably never will be.

This thread is about establishing different formats to make events approachable by different types of players and optionally eliminating system abuse builds like screamerstars. IE someone might say "I prefer Expanded+. I have a few FW units but Lords of War aren't my bag." or "I like things simple, I try to attend events with just the Aliies allowed. All those dataslates and formations supplement do-dads are too much for my taste." or even "I love all of 40k, come as you are, World format for me."

The drafts for formats I had in mind are as follows:
  • Codex: Army limited to one codex and one codex only. IE no allies, formations etc.
  • Allies: Army building limited to codex+allies.
  • Expanded: Allies, dataslates and supplements. No Lords of War, no D weapons.
  • Expanded+: Allies, dataslates, supplements and Forge World. No Lords of War, no D weapons*.
  • Escalation-lite: Allies, dataslates, supplements, Lords of War and Forge World. No D weapons*.
  • Warhammer Word or "World": Everything goes.
*Weapons that have multiple profiles that include a D weapon only use the non-D options.

Possible Errata/Restrictions for Codex through Escalation-lite:
  • No Grimoire of True Names
  • 4 Wave Serpents per Primary FOC
  • 2 Baledrakes per Primary FOC (I personally don't think they are that big of a deal but hey)
  • Conceal/Jinx does not stack
  • Drop pod doors effectively don't exist and are for aesthetics only.
That should get rid of all the power build/system abuse builds/funky rules I can think of.

Thoughts? Expanded ideas on formats or restrictions?

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