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Raven Guard Hombebrew Supplement Draft

Heres a little something I have been playing around with...

Raven Guard Homebrew Supplement v1.5

Lightning Strike: Models with this rule may run and assault in the same turn.

Attack, Withdraw, Attack again: Models with this rule and their unit have Hit and Run and Furious Charge.

Mandatory Scout Squad per 1,000 points.

No Land Landraiders, Vindicators, Whirlwind, Iron Clad or Predators
2 Heavy Support slot per FOC

Warlord Traits:

1.               See But Remain Unseen: The Warlord has Shrouded
2.               We Walk with Shadows: Your Warlord and his unit may re-roll cover saves.
3.               Be other than where the enemy believes you to be: 1d3 units may redeploy, can go in and out of reserves, redeploy infiltrators etc.
4.               Be where your enemy desires you not to be: Secretly choose a game turn(1-5) and write it down. The Warlord and his unit may deepstrike that turn from reserves automatically(Do not roll reserves for them during any turn)
5.               The Shadow that Kills: The Warlord and his unit may assault turn 1 even if they infiltrated/scout moved and any turn they come in from reserves.
6.               Vengeance: Your Warlord and every friendly unit from the Raven Guard have within 12” have Preferred Enemy (Chaos Space Marines) and Zealot.

Kiavahr Reflex Shield: Vehicles equipped with Kiavahr Reflex Shield technology cannot be the target of interceptor fire, enemy fire or any other out of phase and/or turn shooting attacks during your turn. In Active mode the vehicle has Stealth and Shrouded but cannot fire and passengers may not disembark until the shield is deactivated. You may deactivate the shields at any time during the movement or shooting phase. The shields cannot reactivate until your next turn.

Psychic Powers
Available: Telepathy, Biomancy, Pyromancy, Telekinesis

The Unkindness of Ravens Wc1 Witchfire 24” 2d6 S3 AP- Blind, Pinning, Ignores Cover
The Librarian manifests his psychic power as an unkindness of ravens. Black as night, these ferocious birds swarm over his opponent.


1. Corax’s Ingenuity Wc1 Blessing 12”
The Librarian plunges his mind into the Warp, harnessing its power. He is infused with power, embodying the pure ideals of Corax, and emanating his power to those around him. Target unit gains fearless, +1 toughness, Furious Charge and Lightning Strike.

2. Curse of The Raven Wc2 Malediction 12”
The Librarian curses an opponent, condemning him to death at the hands of the Emperor’s champions. Warp energies eat at the target’s mind, and reveal weaknesses in his defenses that the Battle-Brothers can exploit. Target unit loses Fearless, is automatically pinned, and has -1 to all saving throws.

3. Deliverance Wc2 Nova 6”
All Raven Guard units have Feel No Pain, Rending and Fearless.

Dedicated Transports

Drop Pod

Raven Pattern and other Modified Equipment:
Assault Plasmagun                 18” S7 AP2 Assault 2, Gets Hot!
Raven Pattern Shotgun           18” S4 AP5 Assault 1, Pinning
Light Missile Launcher          Krak
                                                18” S8 AP3 Assault 1
                                                24” S4 AP5 Assault 1, Blast

Raven Patter Jump Pack, Advanced Thrust: Makes the unit Jump in addition to other types. When it comes time to move units equipped with Raven Patter Jump Pack may move 24” instead of 12” so long as they didn't use this ability the previous turn, but cannot move more than 6” in their next movement phase while the pack recharges. During the Assault Phase, so long as the unit didn't use the Advanced Thrust ability, units with Raven Patter Jump Packs roll 6”+2d6” for their charge range.


The Shadow in the Sky........  40pts One Only
     Range     S           AP          Type                                          
          -       User         3            Melee, Shred, Rending

The Whip of Remembrance....  30pts One Only
     Range     S           AP          Type                                          
          -       User         4            Melee, Shred, Strikedown


Shadow Captain Kraai, Raven Guard 1st Company............................................................ 200 points
WS      BS       S          T          W        I           A      Sv       Ld              
  5         9         4          4          3         5          3       3+      10     In (Ch)

War Gear:
         Power Armour
         Frag Grenades
         Krak Grenades
         Iron Halo


Special Rules:
         Independent Character
         Target Priority
         Special Ammo

Artifact: Whisper

A relic of unknown origins. This venerable Stalker-Bolter has been fabled to hunger for the souls of the  Emperors foes. It uses a variety of exotic ammunition in addition to normal Bolter ammo. You may choose one of the following profiles every time it is fired or use the profile of a normal Bolter.

Ammunition                    Range       S        AP          Type                                           
MkII Kraken Rounds       36”          4          4            Heavy 2
Shred Ammo                    18”          3          5           Assault 3

Target Priority: Any precise shots have Rending, Ignores Cover and by-pass Look Our Sir!

Master of the Sternguard: Sternguard are scoring.

Warlord Trait: We Walk with Shadows


Furioso Dreadnought 125pts
Same as BA, “Lightning Talons”

Shadow Masters 150pts
Shadow Master
WS      BS       S          T          W        I           A      Sv       Ld              
  4         4         4          4          1         4          3       3+       9     In
Shadow Master Sargeant
WS      BS       S          T          W        I           A      Sv       Ld              
  4         4         4          4          1         4          3       3+      10     In (Ch)
4 Shadow Masters, 1 Shadow Master Sargent (Ch)

War Gear:
         Power Armour
         Frag Grenades
         Krak Grenades
         Bolt Pistol
Special Rules:

Gift of the Primarch: Possessing the same ability as Corax to deny their very existence from the minds of their enemies Shadow Masters may start the game in reserves and deepstrike without scatter, no dangerous terrain tests are necessary. Cannot be joined by ICs.

The Sargent May Take:
Power Weapon..................................  15pts

Any Shadow Master may may exchange his bolter for one of the following:
Raven Pattern Shotgun........................5pts
Assault Plasmagun …....................... 10pts
Light Missile Launcher......................10pts
Flamer …............................... …........10pts



Venerable Dreadnought

Terminator Squad

Lightning Strike
Attack, Withdraw, Attack again
Raven Pattern Jump Packs.................8pts per model



Tactical Squad

Assault Marines
Lightning Strike

Fast Attack:

Land Speeder Storm

Land Speeder Squadron
Bike Squad

Whispcutter 120pts

AV 10 10 10 HP2 Fast Skimmer/Flyer/Open-Topped

Kiavahr Reflex Shield
Target Relay: The Whispcutter is equipped with advanced targeting arrays and sensors. Any Raven Guard unit may re-roll misses from shooting attacks directed at enemy units within 12” of the Whispcutter.
Assault Recon Drone: The Whispcutter has a transport capacity of 5 and Scout

Heavy Support

Shadowhawk(Storm Raven) 230pts
Kiavahr Reflex Shield
Same as Storm Raven For Upgrades

Thunderfire Cannon

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