Friday, April 26, 2013

Speaking of Flyers...

I was just discussing getting some Flakkhavocs for my CSM/DAE army the other day and gathered some thoughts.

I got thinking on how to best utilize the AA/Support options that I have. Lashavoc teams supported by a Quadgun and Forgefiend with Hades AC were my first thought for general support. Then I really got thinking.

Autocannons are good all around, but even with 4 marines having 6 shots, a fiend with 8 shots and a lone quadgun wasn't impressive for dealing with flyers. I like to imagine "Worst-Case Scenarios" when I plan out parts of my list. If i can beat or have a chance at that then anything less should be easier to deal with. It isn't perfect, but I use it as a starting point.

Three Helldrakes.

How do I beat an AP3 template? Mark of Tzeentch only grants a 6++ if you don't already have a Invul. Then I remembered a game where I had MoT cultists buffed by forewarning from divination and realized that MoT improves any invul save... So I had a ton of cultists with a 3++. It was amazing. Now let's take it to the next level.

The Skyshield Landing pad grants a 4++ to any unit on top of it., infantry and vehicles. 'Fiends and 'Grinders come to mind. Suddenly those MoT Havocs have a 3++. Take two full teams for meat shield wounds and they are suddenly that much more durable. Throw in an ADL with a quadgun using double FOC's at 2k+ points and suddenly AA across the board. I also will like to take Soul Grinders for additional AA(Best when buffed by Prescience) when I ally with Daemons. I'm a Tzeentch guy so I love Divination. Roll three times(six using double FOC) on the Div Chart and bam. I'll be having 3++ saves, twin linked weapons and maybe a few that ignore cover. ML's are threatening at relatively long ranges, so having the Skyshield in the center with nearly maximized invulnerable saves sounds delicious. With flakk upgrades they can take on just about any vehicle, sky or ground. AV14 is tough, but less frequent these days. That's what I have Daemon Prince's and the occasional Meltagun for. But what is the optimal spread of weaponry and  threat management?

Then this interesting article caught my eye:

(I often frequent the comment section as SYeti.)

Reading some comments got me really thinking about Target Priority and just how important it is. When your army is only threatening in pieces at a time, it makes target priority for your opponent that much easier. Make your entire army threatening at once and your opponent will  have to really think on it. Force them to prioritize what you want them to.

So I've decided to try at least 2-3 units with Skyfire capability per 1k points. I'll use the ADL and one Flakkhavoc team up to 1.5k, the skyshield with two Flakkhavoc teams from there to 2k and both at 2k+.  Spread out the heavy support options(Forgefiends, Soul Grinders, Havocs and so on) across the board while my daemon horde launches an all-out offensive, led by scout move flesh hounds. My entire army can now threaten 90% of the board and probably every objective. Horros with Heralds for Div support and backfield fire support. Should be interesting. It may change but I think it looks good on paper.

Just as planned...

 A side note. MoS Havocs with the Icon of Excess could be useful against volume of fire as well. FNP for if you fail the 3+ armour and a 4+/4++ for the less frequent AP3 and lower weapons... hmn time to crunch some numbers...

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