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Conquest Campaign Draft v0.3

Conquest Campaign Draft v0.3


Battles in the Age of Darkness Rules and Force Chart.

In the case that someone uses a 40k codex, they may gain the rules/bonuses for their faction specific strike force or “decurion”-style detachment to use as a substitute Rite of War; while still using the FOC from the Age of Darkness expansion.

4-6 Reserve Points for a total of 8-12 games.

One Custom Campaign Character per player. The first free advancement roll upon creation may be chosen. Alternatively, instead of advancing throughout the campaign roll 6d6: The first two d6 are for characteristics, the third is for an advancement table, and the last 3(rerolling duplicates) are on an applicable warlord table where you then choose form the three results. The restriction for Unique characters being required to be Campaign Characters in order to be taken is not in effect. For Maximum Characteristics, 40k factions use whichever stat-line is most similar to their factions(IE Imperial Guard use Solar Auxilia).

Loyalist vs Traitors. Teams do not have to be even. Defenders to not automatically gain the related Strategic Trait as they have only just arrived in time to mass a defense or ambush.

One relic per player.

Optional Rules:
  • When attacking a strategic point on the planet's surface when the attacker controls a spaceport, the attackers may elect to fight a Planet Strike mission instead of the normal mission type.
  • Any mission may be substituted with a core AoD mission

End-game: Once both sides reserve points are expended then there is one final Apocalypse battle. In the case of a draw this is the deciding factor.

Notes: Certain Campaign Level Warlord Traits can modify/add to things like Warzone Traits and other options.
When attacking along a red line from a friendly controlled Strategic Point, attackers gain +1 to determine who gets first turn/deploys first.

Strategic Points

Surface Station
Mission Type: Zone Mortalis
Warzone Trait: Cold Void
Strategic Trait: Armoury Vaults
Points: 750

Mission Type: Zone Mortalis
Warzone Trait: Catastrophic Damage Table
Strategic Trait: Spaceport
Points: 1,000


Polar Station
Mission Type: Strategic Raid
Warzone Trait: Frozen Wastes
Strategic Trait: Concealed Bunker Complex
Points: 1,500-2,000

Abandoned Weapons Depot
Mission Type: Strategic Raid
Warzone Trait: Grasping Mire
Strategic Trait: Armoury Vaults
Points: 1,500-2,000

Capital City
Mission Type: City Fight(The 30k specific one) or Cities of Death
Warzone Trait: Hab Block
Strategic Trait: Manufactorum Complex
Points: 1,500-1,850

City Outskirts
Mission Type: Maelstrom
Warzone Trait: Broken Ruinscape
Strategic Trait: Fortified Bastion Complex
Points: 2,000-2,500

Planetary Defense Force Outpost
Mission Type: Stronghold Assault
Warzone Trait: Rad Wastes
Strategic Trait: Macro Weapons Battery
Points: 2,500-3,500

Island Spaceport
Mission Type: Planet Strike
Warzone Trait: Sea of Fog
Strategic Trait: Planetary Space Port
Points: 2,000-3,000

Sprawling Forest
Mission Type: 30k Core Mission
Warzone Trait: Bloodthirsty Fauna
Strategic Trait: Hidden Staging Area
Points: 2,000-3,000

Virus Bombed Ruins
Mission Type: 30k Core Mission
Warzone Trait: Toxic Mist
Strategic Trait: Hidden Staging Area
Points: 2,000-3,000

Additional Strategic Traits:

Hidden Staging Area: The key location offers a well hidden staging area that can conceal numerous troops and supplies while offering access to numerous other key locations. The controlling team gains +1 reserve rolls to a maximum of 2+ and d3 units gain Outflank.

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