Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Fixing Dreads

After I discovered that the Castallax is an MC instead of a Walker I made this post "Castallax is an MC?" MC Fever vs Walkers: More Meat Edition

After some more though I realized how bad Dreads have it. Hive Tyrants get cover saves from having a toe in a crater but dreads don't. They can be one-shot so easily, I could go on but that thread covers it.

SO now for a fix. This MC Fever is negatively affecting Spirit of the Game IMHO so I shall see if a few like-minded individuals would like to collaborate in this thread for some fixes. I'm short-handing some of these, but you get the point.

Heres what I came up with so far:

All Dreads:

Monstrous Creature


Ancient Might: 6” Stubborn bubble to friendlies

Machination of War: Haywire wounds on a 2+ and ignores armor on a 6. Armourbane and Melta weapons
wounds on a 3+. Immune to poison/fleshbane. d6" S4 explosion when last wound is suffered.

+25pts for Venerable: re-roll failed saves. Counts as a VP when killed.

Contemptors (cost unchanged)
WS BS  S   T   I   W  A  Ld  Sv
  5    4    6   9   4   4   3  10  2+
(Normal rules/cost for gear apply)

Ironclads (cost unchanged)
WS BS  S   T   I   W  A  Ld  Sv
  5    4    6   9   4   3   3  10  2+
(Normal rules/cost for gear apply)

"Regular" Dreads (cost unchanged)
WS BS  S   T   I   W  A  Ld  Sv
  5    4    6   8   4   4   3  10  2+

These proposed changes, in my opinion, keeps the feel of a stompy robot but stops Dreads from getting short-changed when you compare them to things like Castallax, Riptides and so-on. They still aren't the nigh-unkillable war machines we would like them to be but are at least better.



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